LTRIM(str) is a String function of Oracle. This function returns the string by removing given characters from left side. ... Splunk. SPSS. Swagger. Transact-SQL .... ltrim (<str>,<trim_chars>) This function removes the trim characters from the left side of the string. Usage The <str> argument can be the name of a string field or a string literal. You can use this function with the eval and where commands, in the WHERE clause of the from command, and as part of evaluation expressions with other commands. 0. If your field is Invoice_Tb.ZIP_Code, you can use the substring function: substring (Invoice_Tb.ZIP_Code, 1, 5) AS 'Trimmed Zip Code'. Another alternative is to use the LEFT function: LEFT (Invoice_Tb.ZIP_Code, 5) AS 'Trimmed Zip Code'. Since there is an implicit conversion from integers to nvarchar, and nvarchar equivalent, there is no need. "/>Splunk ltrim